Registered Hungarian Breeders Site

Dear Guests,

Welcome on the Page of Hungarian Registered Breeders (Magyar Regisztrált Tenyésztők Oldala). Please read a short introduction about our site below.

The aim of our page is to support Hungarian breeders and future dog owners by providing verified information. Our page gives an opportunity for Hungarian breeders to have their work positively distincted against the so-called “multipliers” and to future dog owners to have a safe place where they can choose their pure-bred pet from a verifiable breed and with certified pedigree.

Choosing your dog is a responsible decision. When you start planning the purchase, we kindly ask you to inform about the attributes of the chosen pure-bred dog. You can find a standard description about all breeds of dogs on our site, which helps you to choose the most appropriate companion.

When breeders apply for registration, they undorgo a strict inspection. The classification of the given breeder is also shown on the breeder’s personal page, e.g. “Novice breeder”, “Advanced breeder”, “Qualified breeder”. Published advertisements are under control, and in case of detecting any malpractice, the advertisment and the breeder issueing the advertisment will be permanently deleted from the system.

Thank you for reading our introduction, hoping we could help you to make the best choice and you will find the perfect companion here!

Have a pleasant stay on our site!

Best wishes,
MRTO Group.